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What is a Settlement Agent?

A Settlement Agent is licensed and qualified to prepare the legal documentation you'll need when buying or selling a home. They represent and work for you. 

A Settlement Agent acts as an intermediary with your Real Estate Agent, Bank, or Broker and other parties to the contract. They make sure everyone is on the same page and have what they need to meet the conditions of your contract and see the transaction through to settlement. 

Consumers have the right to choose their own Settlement Agent, you do not have to use the one recommended by your Real Estate. 

Settle on Point specialises in this field and a Buyer or Seller may feel confident that they will be represented by an experienced professional when appointing us for your property transactions in Western Australia.

Loan Le


Having had the opportunity of managing a team and working in a very established law firm in Perth for nearly 16 years, Loan has significant settlement experience and extensive knowledge in all types of real estate settlements including residential, off the plan strata sales, vacant land and commercial transaction types.


In addition to regular settlement transactions, Loan has strong experience in bulk off the plan settlements for both apartment and land developers.

Loan is extremely passionate about her work and providing a high-quality level of service with consistent outstanding feedback.



Our Values and Expertise

Being a small, independent firm, the main focus is on the quality of service provided, without the stress and hassle free.  We will ensure every step of the way that both buyers and sellers are informed and know exactly what is required throughout the settlement process.


Please contact us for a free no obligation quote for your settlement transaction. 

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